“I recognize that ‘the arts’ are not necessities of life in the same way as food and shelter, clean water and clothing. Those are the necessities of survival. Art and Music are portals out of survival mentality and into prosperity consciousness. However, these openings come with a cost. It takes great devotion (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and monetarily) for an artist to create great works of art. It is a continual learning process that takes years to cultivate and requires a lifetime of study and practice. This devotion, for an artist wishing to reach the level of a virtuoso, is by no means free. Every artist makes personal sacrifice to remain true to their calling, as they search for an audience desiring to support them in their pursuit of excellence.

By being a part of the Bohémisphere community, you are declaring that our art and music are important to you, and every item purchased at Bohémisphere contributes to the elevation process for current and future projects. Your continued patronage and support will help Bohémisphere continue to make musical art of the highest caliber we can muster, and will hopefully continue to plant and nurture seeds of love and appreciation for opera in your heart.”

– David Miller

Digital Products

a glorious dream

Bohémisphere’s first digital project. This was Sarah Joy Miller’s debut album. It’s a beautiful compilation of popular opera arias. Maestro Steven Mercurio conducts the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, in Pécs, Hungary.


This original composition by David Miller, will get your toes tapping. Derived from a theme from the 9-minute micro-opera A Hand of Bridge, It was performed by Outside featuring Kelly Levesque.

a hand of bridge soundtrack

Hear this 9-minute micro-opera soundtrack. Two couples reveal their deepest desires, darkest fears, and wildest fantasies during an evening playing bridge. Ben Davis, Mary Dunleavy, David Miller, Sarah Joy Miller, with Maestro Steven Mercurio and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Licensed by G. Schirmer Inc., Used with permission.